Consulting and development partner

Woman Pediatric Dentist Rebecca Otto

We are pleased to introduce Ms. Pediatric Dentist Rebecca Otto as a consulting and development partner for our THIENELINO product range. Ms. Otto successfully leads a pediatric dentistry practice in Jena.

She is u.a. Member of the following organizations:

  • DGK (German Society of Pediatric Dentistry)
  • DGZMK (German Society of Dental, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery)
  • APW (Academy Practice and Science)
  • BuKiZ (Federal Association of Pediatric Dentists)
  • EAPD (The European Academy of Pediatric Dentistry) and continue in the
  • American Acadamy of Pediatric Dentistry (the American Society of Pediatric Dentistry)
  • und Winner of the business plan competition 2009 in Thüringen